The Xcellence portal of IBF Net includes two centers of excellence, the International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance (IIIBF) that offers elearning courses in the field of halal business and finance and the Algotrain Academy set up by IBF Net to develop human resources in the field of Blockchain technology.

IBF Net is a Registered Training Provider with FAA – an independent quality assurance and accreditation body, supported by Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) and the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Our Learning Programs

IIIBF is the flagship initiative of IBF Net that aims to impart comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to transform you into a complete Development & Humanitarian Finance Professional. As policy makers strive to address the massive financial needs of countries seeking to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, this program aims to address the human resource development and capacity building challenges of the sector, especially in the context of Islamic societies with their unique institutions of philanthropy and tools of Shariah-compliant finance.

AlgoTrain Academy is a recent initiative of IBF Net that imparts education and training and certifies software developers in the field of blockchain technology with a focus on Algorand protocol as well as managers in application of this technology in Islamic business and economy.

IBF Scholarships

IBF Scholarships provide you an opportunity to pursue our courses through waivers in the tuition fee. Scholarships are limited, based on a range of criteria related to your ability to excel in studies, career plans and a few other factors. Please answer our queries well and enjoy a partial waiver in the tuition fee.

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